Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm Back

After much consideration I've decided to start blogging again. This is something I obviously stopped doing for a while for many reasons, but nevertheless I have made the decision to reenter the blog world. Later I will blog about exciting things that are coming up in the next few days....thanks for coming back!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

  • Got to spend much needed time with my AWESOME family
  • Took Noah my 2 year old to eat breakfast Saturday morning at Burger King then to Starbucks where he loves to get "MELK" as he calls it
  • Took some time to rest and the weather permitted me to do it well
  • We are on a tour of churches right now to show the rest of our team some of the churches that have inspired us in our journey to plant Reveal Church
  • There are so many churches it is difficult to decide which ones...geography has played a big factor in the decision process
  • This week we visited Mountain Lake Church West Forsyth Campus
  • Ran into Casey Graham who always makes me feel like we don't have enough money...I really like that dude
  • Excited about what God is leading us to do in this city!!
  • The next steps that God has led us to take are HUGE ones, but they are the RIGHT ones!!
  • Full week ahead....keep praying for us as we take this city for Jesus!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Quick Hits

  • Wow!! Thanks to all for tuning back in to the blog...sorry I missed a couple of weeks again.
  • I got really sick after CP Conference and it put me out for a week and half...glad to be recovered!
  • Went to Unleash at NewSpring that conference love that Church and love Perry Noble!!!
  • I left so encouraged to charge the gates of Hell with the Gospel of Jesus!!
  • Thanks to Oakleaf for the ticket and much thanks to Fusion for the ride!!
  • Tony McCollum and Stephen Lowe are some AWESOME guys!! Thanks for letting me ride to SC with you!!
  • Tony McCollum encouraged the fire out of me to and from Unleash!! So very grateful for him and what God is using him to do at Fusion!!
  • Thankful for this week concluding...going to spend some time with my 3 favorite people: Heather, Noah, and my family!!
  • Looking forward to visiting Mountain Lake Church portable campus this week with our team!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alive At Last

Yeah so it's been an incredibly long time since I sat down and wrote a blog. Many that I reconnected with with at this years conference reminded me of this fact. So, here I am to arise from my slumber and begin the glorious journey of blogging once again. In addition the tweets will resume as sorry about the absence I hope you'll regain confidence soon and participate in the reading of my blog....

Friday, December 05, 2008

In My Absence

It's been a bit since I sat down long enough to do some blogging. The holiday really took me for a loop. Here's life to me since my absence...

  • Spent a lot of time back "home" in the Canton/Woodstock area

  • Not only did I have several Family T-Day parties spread out over the course of the weekend, but also lots of family B-day parties as well

  • Mourned the loss of the Bulldogs to the GT Yellow the words of Tommy Boy..."even the sun shines on a horse's a*@ sometimes"

  • I really believe it's time for Coach Mark Richt to make some personnel changes if he ever wants to see another championship game

  • I found it rather humorous that those who constantly whine about SEC fans "suddenly" became ACC fans in spite of their disdain for people being "conference fans"

  • The Clemson fans were the worst...they were so excited that they beat the worst team in the SEC....but it's apparent they understand even the worst team in the SEC was no easy game, especially for them

  • Making some HUGE plans right now in the life of Reveal Church, very excited about the next few weeks

  • Plans are coming together for our next PreLaunch Worship Experience December 21 @ Flowery Branch High School...that's 10AM!!!

  • My poor car Goldie was deemed a total loss...I'm pretty sure this is going to work out way better for the insurance company

  • Why is it that insurance companies are so sketchy???

  • I had to go to Loganville, GA to clean all the stuff out my car...they would not let me go to the car, rather they brought it to me...using a giant fork lift

  • Then they would not let me take pictures of my car...something is weird about that....

  • I was almost ready to purchase another car, but the stinking car dealer sold it before I could get there for less than I was going to pay...punk

  • Reveal Church is going to rock the city of Flowery Branch!!

  • Can't wait for December 21, but also what is to come after that...

  • My little boy Noah Mark turned 2 on Wednesday!!!

  • I bought him a remote control truck...thought he might be scared of it, but he actually loved it

  • He loved it so much in fact that we had to take it Cracker Barrel where we went to breakfast

  • I loved sitting across the table from my little boy, just me and him...I can't believe he's already 2!!

  • We are down in Canton for the next few days because Noah's B-day party is taken place where all the family lives.

  • This morning I took my little girl to McDonald's for Bfast....she loved it...she pretty much ate the majority of the Deluxe Breakfast...the girl can freakin' eat!!

  • Big decisions before us in the journey....I couldn't me more excited!!